Assume that our library staff can get you what you need, and ask for it

Meadville Lombard students, faculty, and staff can borrow material from other libraries in two ways: through I-Share or through interlibrary loan. 

I-Share allows you to request books from any of the 86 participating libraries in Illinois—nearly every 2- and 4-year college and university in the state! In order to use I-Share, you need to request a library account that’s eligible for I-Share. Once you have your library account set up, you can create your I-Share account. You can request books from any library, and you can check them out or return them at any I-Share library, too. If you don’t live near an I-Share library, you can still request books through I-Share and have them delivered to Meadville Lombard. Learn more about I-Share.

I-Share can only be used for books and audio-visual items. If you need a journal article or a chapter from a book, contact a librarian. We are happy to help you locate items that don’t need to be returned to the lending library, like a copy of an article or a chapter from a book, through interlibrary loan. Learn more about journals and periodicals

If you need a book that isn’t available through I-Share, you can request it through interlibrary loan. Email a librarian to make an interlibrary loan request. Note that interlibrary loan is only available to people who are able to pick up and return books in person. If this isn’t an option for you, Meadville Lombard is also a members of several library organizations that provide borrowing privileges at seminary libraries in the Midwest and around the country, and we can help you find the book locally.

If you’re not sure what we can get you and what we can’t, please ask!