Welcome to the Meadville Lombard Learning Community!

Congratulations on being admitted to Meadville Lombard Theological School. We are so glad you chose to join our community. This page outlines key information for you to know as an incoming student. There is a lot of information contained on this page. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the Student Affairs Team if you have any questions or concerns as you review the information below!

And once again, welcome to Meadville Lombard Theological School!

The Student Affairs Staff:

  Pamela Lightsey, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

  Jon Coffee, Interim Director of Student Services

  Claudia Espinel, Director of International Formation and Recruitment

  Margot Horn, Recruitment Officer

 Monique Jackson, Financial Aid Administrator

Contextual Ministry

  Julie Taylor, Senior Director of Contextual Ministry, Affiliated Faculty


For All Students

Calendars and Course Offerings

  • The academic calendar page contains the full list of academic events and deadlines
  • The  course offerings page contains a full list of course offerings and the dates of Intensives for each course

The Student Handbook

You should familiarize yourself with the student handbook, which contains Meadville Lombard's policies and procedures. If you have any questions about a policy or procedure at Meadville Lombard, the answer can usually be found in the student handbook. Below is a short list* of some policies and procedures of interest to new students.

  • Advising: Section 2.5
  • Communication: Section 2.4
  • Financial Aid Policies: Section 4
  • Core curriculum requirements for degrees: Section 3.3
  • Accessibility/Disability and Accommodations Policy: Section 3.4.17

*Please note: This information is from the 2018/2019 Student Handbook.

Technology Requirements

Technology is essential to the learning environment at Meadville Lombard. To help you determine what technology you need to own/be familiar with, a list of technology requirements is available. It is also in Section 2.9 of the student handbook.

Student Platforms: Meadville Mail and Populi

Students who have completed their admissions acceptance form and paid their matriculation fee will be assigned accounts to Meadville Mail and Populi.

  • Meadville Mail is your student email address that will serve as the official and primary mode of communication between you as a student and Meadville Lombard.
  • Populi is the online student portal where you can review your student account, register for classes, make a payment, see your transcript, access your class discussion boards, submit a paper, connect with faculty, update your contact information, etc. 
    • New students will receive a login for Populi prior to the registration date of their first course at Meadville Lombard. This login information will be sent to your Meadville Mail account.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The Student Advisory Council is a group of Meadville Lombard students elected yearly by their peers to represents the interests of currently enrolled students. SAC is run by students, for students, and is dedicated to helping every student have the best possible learning experience at Meadville Lombard. To learn more, go to the Student Organizations page.

Perks of Being a Student at Meadville Lombard

As a student of Meadville Lombard, you get access to many services and discounts. Take advantage of these perks that will make your time at Meadville Lombard easier.

For Master of Divinity (MDiv) Students

For Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (MALS) Students

For Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) Students