Tuition at Meadville Lombard is charged on a per-credit basis. Scroll down for the current cost of tuition and fees. More information is also available to help you determine the full cost of attending.


2019/2020 Rates $845/credit hour


One-time Fees Application fee $50
  Matriculation fee $100 (new students)
  Graduation fee $185
Semester Fees Comprehensive fee $150/year
  Student activity fee $35/semester
  Technology fee $50/semester
  Leave of absence/
continuing enrollment fee
Course Fees Registration fee $75/course/semester
  Clinical Pastoral Education registration fee $150
  Late registration fee $100/course

Health Insurance

Supplementary (major medical) health insurance and hospitalization insurance is mandatory for our students. If you have insurance through a family member, you may request a Student Health Insurance Waiver from the Registrar and provide proof of insurance. If you do not have insurance, please contact the Registrar’s office for information on policies that may be available to you.